Hitting the road to discover and share stories from a world of inspiring social entrepreneurs

Hi. I'm Iris.

A multi-passioned socio-economist with unshakable optimism.

Passionate about social change

On an exciting quest to meet extraordinary people with extraordinary ideas.

Love for travel and adventure

I’m heading to Asia & Latin-America with a backpack full of enthusiasm.

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I believe that we can create our own paths. I believe that we should challenge the status quo. I believe that we should rise above and do what we love - wherever that takes us.

I'm on a journey to meet inspiring social entrepreneurs and discover colourful cultures around the world. Jump on board and discover with me!



Behind extraordinary stories, there are extraordinary people. Paper Planes is a project that documents the stories of social entrepreneurs that devote their innovative ideas, creative skills, motivation and entrepreneurial qualities to introduce solutions to societal problems.

Rebecca Scott


Stop youth homelessness and disadvantage, one cup at a time.

Chris Ennis

CERES Fair Food

Healthier, happier and more secure local food systems.

Maggie Maguire

Abbotsford Convent

Australia's largest arts, cultural and learning site.

Jarrod Briffa


Social inclusion through great coffee and seasonal food.

This journey will take me to some of the most fascinating countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Great adventures, beautiful nature, amazing man made wonders, delicious meals and warm encounters. Join in and experience adventures without any visa troubles!


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